Anonymous said: I used hydrogen peroxcide on my belly button ring. And now ive read mixed results on if its good or bad. Its dry around the holes and itchy. It doesn't hurt and I dont believe there is any puss. Its not red or anything. What can I do to make it less dry and itch less?

Two things about peroxide. First, it does not remove bacteria nearly as much as advertised. Second, it does however remove healing tissue very well.

Peroxide is incredibly drying and damaging to healing tissue. It can cause the tissue to crack, dry out, and give you full on chemical burns. Making it virtually impossible for your piercing to heal properly.

At this point I wouldn’t even recommend saline soaks because it will only dry the tissue more. I would go with a VERY mild, unscented anti microbial soap. You can check out my FAQs page for more info on aftercare methods. Hope this helps!

angellovegomes said: My industrial is bruised & swollen to where I can't even touch it !! What does this mean ? Is it infected or am I cleaning it to much ? For recently getting it ? I only clean it 2 a day HELP!!!

It’s hard for me to give you an accurate answer without being able to see the problem area.

How new is the piercing? What is your aftercare method? Have you been playing with the jewelry? Do you have long or short hair? Is the piercing sore and hot to the touch? Is there green, grey, or yellow discharge? Is it discoloured? There are too many factors unknown to me. My best advice would be to go to your professional piercer or a doctor and have them look at it. I hope this helps.

orchdorkcentral said: any advice on how to choose a piercing? i'm considering nostril, bellybutton, inner helix, and rook. anything i'm missing? anything you'd suggest for me?

There’s no right or wrong piercing for anyone. And there’s no right or wrong way to decide what you want. All piercings can be beautiful on anyone. Just choose the one that will make you the most comfortable and happiest. Also, make sure you choose the piercing you know you can care for the best. Go to a professional piercer, follow your aftercare and enjoy your beautiful new modification my dear!

I’ve decided on piercings in a number of different fashions. But the point is, I have never been unhappy with the look of a single piercing. Hope this helps love!

Anonymous said: this might seem silly to you but I got my lobes pierced (i now have 2 lobe piercings in each ear) and ive had for just over a week now, the stud which is in my ear right now is too short and the jewellery stud bit (if you get what i mean) is small so the swollen lobe is swelling over it so the end of the stud is inside my ear. My left ear is fine but the right one is not, should I take it out, go to a piercing shop (bearing in mind the one i got it pierced at is 3 hours away) or do anything else

Oh good god go to a shop! I don’t care if you have to drive for 3hrs, get your butt into a shop! Sweet baby J! Your jewelry is physically lost inside the tissue or your lobe! Your jewelry may as well be in fricken Narnia! That’s a sign of infection my dear! What probably happened was your jewelry was not long enough to accommodate the level of swelling your lobe took so it started creating pressure around the jewelry. This pressure blocks the proper draining of lymph discharge (dead skin cells and blood), making it extremely difficult to clean properly, leading to infections and abscesses.

Do NOT remove the jewelry yourself. If there is an infection, and you remove the jewelry, the hole will close over and close the infection inside the piercing canal. Meaning you’ll have to have a medical professional drain your custy, puss filled lobe for you. A piercing professional will know the best course of action for healing and jewelry removal. However, I can’t see your lobe myself, so they could recommend anything from sea salt soaks, to going to a doctor for a course of antibiotics, to requiring a doctor to cut the jewelry out of your lobe. It just depends on how serious the damage/infection is. Either way, please see a piercing professional immediately! I hope this helps!

Anonymous said: Would it be possible to get magnetic implants to form basically removable microdermals? Like have magnetic implants where u want microdermals, and use things like magnetic earrings as the jewelry? Is this done because I would love that! Haha

It’s possible but it’s a terrible fucking idea. I’ve seen it done by people so they can attach things to their skin such as iPod nanos or different kinds of jewelry. However, having magnetics pulling your skin will cause constant pressure on the tissue, it will never heal properly, and can lead to severe scar tissue build up. It could even cause your piercing to physically just rip right out. Just get regular mircodermals, they make a whole host of different style heads for your posts for your changing styles. Don’t get magnets attached to your skin, that’s dumb. Sorry.

Unintentional Hiatus

So sorry ladies and gents! I know I have disappeared again out of the blue when I promised I was back for good. I must seem like the flakiest blogger of all time. I have had some pretty major road bumps in my life recently. I know it sucks for you guys, but life happens and occasionally I actually have to be the one to deal with it. Sucks, right?

So here’s the low down of my life over the last few months of my disappearance. A very dear friend of mine, lapsed into a coma of unknown origin for 5 weeks. We were all exceptionally concerned that he wouldn’t make it past these extreme hurdles. But against all odds, about a week before Christmas, he woke up. He still has a long recovery ahead which means I’m still not 100% back to the blogosphere since I will be trying to spend at least 1 day per week at the hospital with him.

After all this happened, I was informed that my grandmother was very ill, with cancer. I cut my hours down at work so I could be there more for her and my friend, we moved my grandmother into our home, and started caring for her full time. Unfortunately she took a severe downturn after Christmas. Last week we were forced to move her into Hospice care, and yesterday, she passed away while I was stuck at work. It’s a lot for myself and my family to process, so please be understanding about my absence.

All this being said, I am in need of a good distraction. So today and tomorrow you will likely notice a big boost in my question responses. If you have been waiting some time for your answer, I truly apologize. I hope you all had lovely holidays! Lots of love my darlings!

Anonymous said: Hi! I really want a belly button piercing but am scared of what will happen when/if I choose to be pregnant someday. Is this scarring really bad? Also I have had a mid cartilage reject before and have heard belly button piercings are at a high risk of rejection due to it being a surface peircing and the risk of bumping. Any advice?

This is a good question! For starters, when it comes to pregnancy, you can leave a belly button piercing in for the first bit of your future pregnancy, until you start showing. Once showing, you have two options. There is such thing as pregnancy navel jewelry. It is made of a flexible plastic-like material and is much longer then the average belly jewelry. This allows for the jewelry to bend with the growing shape of your body. Your second option, which is generally the more recommended option, would be to simply remove the jewelry completely during pregnancy and, if you so choose, have it redone post-pregnancy.

As for scarring, that is highly dependent on how well you take care of your piercing. Looser clothing during healing, lose rise pants, trying not to bend or pull the aarea too much, and of course following  proper aftercare technique. But you are correct, navel piercings do have a higher rate of  rejection and migration due to it being such a high traffic area and it being a surface piercing of course. That being said, if you notice any signs of rejection/migration, seek a professional piercer immediately. They will likely remove the jewelry and tell you to follow aftercare steps during the healing process. Quick action and proper care will limit the amount of scar tissue that could potentially build up. I hope this helps with your decision and if you have any further questions please just ask :).

canned-dick said: Help! I sized up to a 2g entirely too early and I felt so stupid after looking at them for a day (and feeling a bit of pain) I took them out and downsized to 4g. I have pictures of my lobes if you need them, but they are slightly blown out and torn. Should I just go down to a 6g?

A blow out occurs when the tissue inside a piercing canal is forced outside. So what you will see is puckered, lumpy tissue around the rim of your piercing at the front or back depending on the direction of the force. A lot of people, mistake other issues with their stretched lobes for blow outs, so I just wanted to ensure you understood what a blow out will look like. 

If you are still concerned about your lobes being blown out, then I recommend downsizing entirely! I know this sucks, it probably took you quite a while to get to a 2g and then to lose all your progess here sucks. But it is a great lesson on safe stretching for you and really the health of your body, specifically your lobes in this case, is all that really matters. 

So if it is a blow out, remove your jewelry completely, let your ears downsize, and do twice daily massages with emu oil, jojoba oil, or vitamin e oil. This will help break down any scar tissue, aid in prolonged healing of the collagen in your tissue, and ultimately return the elasticity to your lobes. Making it possible for you to stretch back up once your lobes have fully healed. I hope this helps m’dear!

Anonymous said: I am going to pierce my nose with a sewing needle. I have all the correct equiptment - nose stud, lighter, antiseptic liquid, q tips and such, and washed hands. I will also check for nerves.I did my friends and it worked but she took it out because the stud was too small for her nose tissue. She said it hurt but there was no blood or anything. I am pretty experienced (in DIY piercings) ive done friends cartilage and lobes ad my own hand web. None have got infected! Advice or warnings please.

Is this a troll? I mean this has to be a troll right?…please be a troll because if you aren’t a troll then you’re just an idiot. I mean you just said you’re piercing your nose with a sewing needle and then proceed to tell me you have all the proper equipment for piercings. When have you ever seen a professional pierce a client with a damn sewing needle?! Furthermore, a ligter and ‘antiseptic fluid’ is not how you properly sterilize piercing equipment, you know this right?!

A professional studio has to adhere to many health codes requirements, including using only high quality, pre-packaged, one-time use, medically sterile needles, having all equipment laid out on a sterilized metal tray, a functioning, up-to-code autoclave in which all equipement that is not one-time use must be run through, no porous surfaces are allowed in the piercing room, all cleansers used during the procedure must be of a specific standard as well. 

Beyond just piercing equipment, the studio must undergo regular spore testing to ensure there is no presence of blood borne pathogens such as HIV/Aids or hepitits which can be passed to the client during the piercing process and can lead to long term health concerns. Also the jewelry itself must meet certain standards to ensure no adverse effects to the clients such as infection or allergic reaction. In a professional, reputable piercing studio, you will find only high quality titanium, niobium, or stainless steel. That is because these metals are non-ferromagnetic and have the lowest nickle content possible in metals. Nickle being the most common metal allergy. You may also find sterling silver or a high karat of gold, though these are typically not recommended for the healing process. 

Finally the piercers themselves have to go through rigoress training, not just in the piercing process itself, but in human anatomy. This is so the piercing is aware of risks you may not even know of. Such as nerves or veins running through that area that must be avoided, how to  discern the difference between infections, rejections, migration, scar tissue, abcessing, keloiding, and properly healed piercings. 

To say that you are capable of performing a piercing on yourself let alne someone else without any of this equipment, testing, or training is to belittle all the hardwork and dedication these people put into their careers. Not only that but it is also endangering yourself and anyone else you convince to allow you to mutilate them. I say mutilate because without the training„ equipment, or safe piercing area, that is exactly what you are doing. 

Never for a moment, allow yourself to believe you re above the rules and regulations simple because you’ve avoided disaster so far. You could severely harm yourself, or someone else, even leading to their hospitalization or death. You are being a dangerou, petuant child by thinking you are above laws, and regulations that are se out to protect you. 

The only advice I can giveyou is to go to a professional, reputable piercer from now on and stop taking stupid, unnecessary risks. Would you drill a hole in a friends tooth and fil their cavity because you watched a documentary on how it’s done, or perform surgery on someone after watching a youtube how-to video? No! because yyou are not an expert in the field, you have no training. So why would you think it’s a good idea to shove a foreign object through someone’s tissue that isn’t even close to medically sterile? There are so mny nerves you could damage or veins you could puncture or nfections you could cause. It’s like punching a wall assuming there’s nothing behind it and then being suprised when you break your hand on the stud.  It’s inevitable. Just like your idiocy being passed on to your children. 

So just stopd it. Stop thinking you’re more intelligent then a trained professional. Stop thinking your above these laws and regulations. Go in to see a professional, get the nose piercing you want, and stop being so damn childish to think you know better.The opinion of this blog will always be that self-piercing is a big no no! It takes a lot more then a lighter, a sewing needle, and a piece of cheap jewelry to be able to call oneself a professional piercer.

t0xicc said: Advice for cleaning rejected surface tragus piercing?

Once a piercing begins it’s path to rejection, there’s really not much hope of saving it sweet heart. Sorry to say. Your best option is to visit a professional piercer and have them take a good look at it. They will be able to give you on site advice. 

My guess is they will recommend immediate removal. Leaving a rejecting piercing in place can result is some pretty hefty scarring in that area. Looks a fair bit nasty and will make it much more painful and difficult should you chose to repierce in that area later on down the road. Sorry to say this, but it looks like you’ll be going down a piercing :(. Hope this helps.